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Grow cereals in fields, fruits in orchards, and vegetables in greenhouses. Breed cattle, chickens, and pigs. Use licensed farming machines from industry-leading manufacturers and maintain them in your own workshop. Build your own farming empire and expand across four diverse continents.


You start your farming adventure in Montana, USA. In the beautiful Treasure State, you plow your fields, tend the orchards, maintain farming machines, keep livestock, and much more. As you improve your farm and construct new buildings, you eventually can expand your business to new farms in Italy, Japan, and Colombia.


Travel to sunbathed Italy to open a branch of your farming empire. Set up your own grove and vineyard to grow the best olives and grapes in the world. Use fully licensed, dedicated machines such as the olive and grape harvesters.


Discover the oriental beauty of Japan. In the Land of the Rising Sun, you can grow rice and cherry. Fully licensed and specialized equipment is also at your disposal, including the rice harvester and the rice planter.


Expand to Colombia and start your highly specialized farm. Take advantage of the South American climate to grow coffee beans and industrial hemp, using region-exclusive machines including the forage harvester and the coffee combine harvester.

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Release date: early 2017

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Pure Farming 17: The Simulator

Pure Farming 17The Simulator

Pure Farming 2017 has been designed with both novice players and veteran farming simulations fans in mind. With three distinct game modes, extensive catalog of farming activities and licensed machines, and four diverse regions, you are in for a great adventure from a farming beginner to a world-class farmer.

  • Farming Fun – Try your hand at almost every possible aspect of modern farming, including husbandry, irrigation, field fertilizing, plowing, vegetable and fruit farming, and many more.
  • Global Expansion – Create a trans-continental farming empire by expanding your Montana-based business to Japan, Italy, and Colombia, where you can grow region-specific crops using dedicated machines.
  • Game Modes For All Tastes – Transform an inherited land into a thriving farming business in Campaign Mode, overcome specific farming challenges in Scenario Mode, or enjoy the country life your own way in Free Mode.
  • 100% Licensed Machines – Use a variety of faithfully recreated farming machines from such industry leaders as Zetor, Landini, McCormick, Gregoire, DAF, Mitsubishi, and more. Change tires, oil, and tighten loose screws to keep your vehicles at top efficiency.
  • 4-Player Farming – Invite up to three friends to your farm to work together, delegate tasks, or just mess around with combines and tractors.
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